The Biggest Fight In Life is the Fight Within


Share Your Stor[i]

Share Your Stor[i] is an Intuitive Lifestyle platform that offers Shadow Work, Emotional Intelligence and Symbolic Sight practices. You will receive tools that will help you heal, and learn how to intuitively respond in situations that are mentally and emotionally challenging. Bringing harmony and flow into your life.

I offer methods
for you who area seeking to
spiritually grow and get out of your outdated cycle(s).

I offer methods
for you who are seeking to
spiritually grow and get out of your outdated cycle(s).

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Share Your Stor[i]

[i] am here to break the generational trauma of my ancestors.

Sessions: 1
Duration: 3+ hours
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Climb towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Power Of Choice

Perception | Projection | Perspective

Sessions: Your Choice
Duration: 80min
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One Step At a Time

1st session out of 10 includes Share Your Stor[i].

4 Month Package
Sessions: 10
Duration: 80min

Taking the Road Less Traveled and Determined to Transform your Life? This practice is for you!

Maureen is an Intuitive Healer who specializes in guiding souls to cross the bridge between vicious cycles and freedom of self-expression. As a first-generation immigrant, born and raised in Sweden, Maureen is adept at navigating through the traffic of life in a multi-cultural society. Her upbringing gifted her the ability to use the power of understanding and compassion in ways that will shape, sharpen, and transform your lifestyle.

She transformed her own life, being a 9-5 employee into pursuing her American Dream as a Professional Dancer at the age of 22. She notes, transformation is possible, though taking the road less traveled comes with challenges.

Let the unknown
be known

I would love to guide you in your process of transformation. I only work with people who take full responsibility and have 100% commitment. Then results are guaranteed!

Maureen is great. She forced me to look within myself and really dive deep into the underlying issues that were in my head and were blocking me from progression in my life. She is an excellent coach with so much knowledge to share. She knows how to match my energy and may ask challenging questions that are frustrating at times but left me understanding why it was so important to tackle the issues head on.

Fulton N

Maureen's coaching helped me acces parts of myself I forgot existed - she is an incredible listener. Maureen has an uncanny ability to interpret your words, see beneath the surface, and connect the dots. She helped me learn alot about myself.

Charles B

Taking the time to talk to Maureen gave me the courage to look within myself and realize that I have old paradigms that weren't serving me to my highest good. Her raw honesty and vibrant energy gave me the inclination to be transparent which is something that I am learning as a man. Even to this day, I'm still making new discoveries about myself. I highly recommend that you book a session and find out for yourself.

Sidney Ware

Maureen's intuitive coaching was what I needed to help myself. Years of relational talk therapy and work with a somatic therapist, I still lived a troubled life. Her coaching began with questions that made me go deep into myself. That primed us. She supported the process with her strong, caring and grounded, presence, ending our session with practical tools. I feel empowered with our work together and my most able to become better.

Magnolia Testa

I felt understood and heard. Her coaching helped me gain confidence in who I am and trust my intuition and my process. If you feel that you are not fulfilled in your life, stuck in something you want to accomplish, Maureen will be a great push. Maureen has been a wonderful source of light for me in a time where I was stuck. The fact that her program is based on an intuitive technique was very powerful, she could feel what tools I needed.

Audrey Nkonda

During the coaching sessions with Maureen I have made some life-lasting changes. She has a remarkable way of seeing situations from a different perspective and in that way sees the bigger picture. Sessions with Maureen have brought me to another understanding of life and myself. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity of meeting such an amazing healer. Thank you Maureen for everything you taught me.

Mari Raudsepp

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